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Intro to us.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I love to travel, discover new places and climb different mountains. And so do my dogs. Sometimes it's really hard to find accomodation that accepts dogs AND has the type of activities we enjoy. I spend many many hours researching accomodation, trails, dog friendly places and then still need to work it into a reasonable timeline for a roadtrip. South Africa is really big, with so many diverse places to explore. That is why I decided to write a blog, to help other travellers build exciting holidays. Whether it's with your dogs in mountains, or with family exploring small towns. We are outdoorsie so we stay in more rustic places, it's not camping, but there are bugs and dirt, etc. So don't be expecting 5 start luxury on this blog ;) Just nice comfy roof over your head sort of places. We also always take our recycling with us and #ecobrick along the way. Unfortunetly we can't take our compost bin, but sometimes we get lucky with a spot that has their own. #explorelightly

We are a small Cape Town family. Myself, my husband, Andrew, and our 2 Border Collie boys, Dash (on the left, brown) and Pirate (on the right, black). Andrew and I have been together since 2006, married in 2012 and the dogs added to the family in 2013.

I have worked in the clothing industry (mostly sportswear), and am keen to be part of a team that does good for the planet while making functional clothes. But until that happens I am spending time in nature, painting nature, and doing my bit to save the planet.

My husband teaches primary school, robotics, coding and tech integration in the classroom, how cool is that! I wish we had exciting subjects like that when I was in school.

The boys are brothers, we went to get one, which we had chosen from photos, but when we saw this fuzzy brown ball he had to come too. Dash is the alpha, so his first task on holiday is to find the best location where he can lie and keep an eye on everything. Pirate is the silly clown, he is always goofy, and always has to lead the pack on runs. As a pup he was chased by the garbage truck and now has a terrible fear of scary noises, so he has some bad days too. His happy place is the top of the mountain where you can't hear anything manmade.

We love to trail run. It's pretty much what our lives revolve around. Luckily living on the side of the mountain makes it really easy for us. Most of our travels are built around new mountains and outdoor spaces to explore. We also spend a lot of time exploring different trails close to home. And because we run a lot, we eat a lot. So finding good restaurants is a must.

I'm looking forward to sharing my stories and hopefully providing a little inspiration.

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